As the construction landscape of Poinciana, Florida evolves, JNS Homes is proud to be at the forefront of the Lake Deer project, a community development initiative commissioned by Shoreham Capital. As the chosen contractor, our role is pivotal in bringing the vision of this community to life. Here’s a progress update on this exciting venture.

Contractor Excellence in Action

While JNS Homes is renowned for its own housing developments, our expertise as a contractor is equally commendable. The Lake Deer project is a testament to our capabilities in this realm. Hired for our builder expertise, we’re committed to ensuring that the Lake Deer community aligns with Shoreham Capital’s vision of affordable yet quality living.

Balancing Affordability with Quality

The Lake Deer community is set to offer 3-4 bedroom single-family homes, each thoughtfully designed to cater to modern living needs. While affordability remains a cornerstone of this project, JNS Homes, as the contracted builder, ensures that each home is constructed with precision and quality craftsmanship.

Stay Connected with the Lake Deer Progress

For those interested in the ongoing development of the Lake Deer project, we recommend frequent visits to our official website, Our dedicated team, available at (407) 219-4424, is also on standby to provide updates, answer queries, and offer insights into the community’s progression.

A Collaborative Future

The collaboration between Shoreham Capital and JNS Homes in the Lake Deer project underscores a shared commitment to enhancing the residential landscape of Poinciana, Florida. As the construction phase progresses, JNS Homes remains dedicated to delivering on its promise of excellence, ensuring that the Lake Deer community stands as a beacon of quality and affordability.