In the world of real estate development, every project tells a unique story. At JNS Homes, this story is being written one brick at a time, and one person leading the way is Bill Zoumas, JNS’s Construction Specialist. We recently sat down with Bill to gain insights into his role and delve into the Lake Deer project, a significant development in Poinciana, Florida. 

Question: Bill, could you provide us with a brief overview of the Lake Deer project in Poinciana and what makes it unique compared to other JNS developments?

Bill: Certainly! The Lake Deer project is a remarkable endeavor by JNS Homes, consisting of 175 single-family homes. It’s actually one of the largest projects we’ve undertaken thus far. What makes it special is that Poinciana holds a special place in JNS’s history—it’s where our roots are, and this marks our first complete community in Florida. 

Question: The speed at which houses are being constructed at Lake Deer is noteworthy. What strategies and innovations has JNS implemented to achieve such efficiency?

Bill: Well, our success here is due, in large part, to our fantastic subcontractors. They’re an integral part of the equation. Additionally, we’ve adopted a system called BuilderTrend, which has been a game-changer. It allows us to keep our timelines in check, coordinate our teams effectively, and streamline project milestones.

Question: Every project comes with its set of challenges. What have been the primary challenges faced during the Lake Deer development, and how has the team overcome them? Managing a project with so many employees and subcontractors must be quite a task.

Bill: You’re absolutely right; it can be a logistical challenge. Our biggest hurdle has been adjusting to shifting deliverable timelines and coordinating the efforts of numerous subcontractors and their teams. At the peak of production, we can have up to 80-90 people onsite, not even counting deliveries. Each house goes through 15 inspections, and the Polk County building department can conduct up to 40 inspections per day. If we encounter issues, we’re quick to fix them, often on the same day or the next. Plus, we can request after-hours inspections, which expedites our problem-solving process.

Question: With the rapid pace of construction, how does JNS ensure that sustainability practices are adhered to and that the quality of the homes is not compromised?

Bill: Sustainability and quality are paramount. We’ve got 50 dumpsters onsite during peak construction to manage waste properly, keeping our job sites organized, clean, and safe. We’ve also got a dedicated cleanup driver with a skid steer to keep everything tidy. George, my right-hand man, is incredibly detail-oriented. He inspects the properties daily to ensure everything is in order. Quality control is an everyday procedure for us and our teams.

Question: Can you shed some light on the team dynamics at Lake Deer? How do you ensure smooth collaboration and communication among various departments to maintain the construction pace?

Bill: While our team may be smaller compared to larger companies, that’s actually an advantage. It allows us to be nimble in decision-making and communication. Buildertrend, the system I mentioned earlier, plays a significant role here. It provides a visual timeline for each build, ensuring everyone is on track. We can send messages and comments through the platform, keeping everyone informed. We’ve also hired a supervisor to assist me, and QC George is a tremendous help.

Question: What kind of feedback are you getting from Shoreham Capital, especially with how fast the project is progressing?

Bill: The feedback from Shoreham Capital has been overwhelmingly positive. They’re delighted with the pace at which the project is moving. We’re well ahead of schedule, with a target completion date in September, and we might even wrap it up by May or June.

Question: On a personal note, Bill, what has been the most rewarding aspect of leading the Lake Deer project, and what lessons have you gleaned from this experience that you’d like to carry forward in future JNS endeavors?

Bill: It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the tangible progress on these builds and to see how our subcontractors have come together. This project is different from what I’m used to up north; down here, there are hurricane codes and block construction. While we primarily focus on high-end spec homes up north, in Florida, we can have as many as 110 homes under construction at one time. It’s a new challenge, but it’s invigorating, and I look forward to applying the lessons I’ve learned here in future JNS projects.


Bill Zoumas is at the helm of a remarkable transformation at Lake Deer, and his leadership and insights provide a glimpse into the relentless commitment of JNS Homes to delivering exceptional residential communities.

For more information about JNS Homes and the Lake Deer project, please visit or contact their office at (407) 219-4424.